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    1. CSWIP conference October 28-30, 2022 AFTERMATH, in all its senses


      CSWIP members n register for the conference here.. If you're not a CSWIP member, you n become a member.

      Conference co-organized by Oakland University and Trent University

      The organizers hope that it will be held in person on the Oakland University mpus, in metro Detroit.

      Keynote address: Professor Susan J. Brison (Dartmouth College)

      Dr. Susan J. Brison, Eunice and Julian Cohen Professor for the Study of Ethics and Human Values at Dartmouth College,
      and 2021-22 Visiting Professor of Philosophy at Princeton University, will be the keynote of the conference.

      Her book Aftermath: Violence and the Remaking of a Self revolutionized philosophil approaches to trauma,
      repair, and personal identity.

      In honor of the twentieth anniversary of its publition, the conference theme will be AFTERMATH, in all its senses.

      We ask participants to consider how aftermath, as a concept worthy of philosophil investigation, is related to
      challenges to traditional discourse.

      How has aftermath been discussed in the history of philosophy, or overlooked?

      How has feminist philosophil scholarship taken into account the complexities of thinking about history and time?

      The conference organizers would like to emphasize this conference is intended to promote and support the work of
      all women-identified and non-binary philosophers. People of all genders are invited to submit and attend.

      We invite papers and panel proposals from all areas of philosophy and philosophil approaches lying within
      or outside feminist philosophy, including analytic, continental, and historilly oriented philosophy.

      Submissions not directly related to the conference theme are also welcome.

      Submission Deadline: March 18, 2022 (1000-word abstracts for eventual 3000-word papers)
      Responses to Submissions: April 8, 2022

      For more information about the ll for abstracts please look under Events and Conferences.

      This conference will prioritize accessibility. Guidelines for accessible presentations will be distributed
      with successful participant notifitions. Information about wheelchair accessible conference rooms,
      transportation, and accommodations will be available by the time of participant notifitions.

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